Monitoring and controlling according to your needs!

Flexible mechanisms reacting automatically to your changes!

zGUARD monitors and controls your systems in accordance with your ideas and reacts automatically to changes and alert you before costs arise!
Consequently, unpredictable situations do not lead to new MLC Peaks and unnecessary costs. Limit yourself only in times when you save money.

The Challenge

To run z/OS systems with a “fixed” /x24*365 Defined or Group Capacity often has the disadvantage that unexpected load situations put the systems under pressure resulting in subsequent problems.  
Conclusion: You waste money. The Mainframe produces needless costs.


An essential factor often remains unconsidered. If a license model is used that bills depending on consumption, MSU/consumption peaks may arise that are relevant to the billing but could have been avoided by simple countermeasures. zGUARD gives you the opportunity to develop policies which are based on permanently determined consumption values, to distribute system resources according to billing criterias.

zGUARD is a real time program for consumption optimized (MSU/h) controlling of the Mainframe systems. It does not matter whether it concerns the control/distribution of batch or the changing of defined and group capacity values. zGUARD is able to adopt all controls automatically. Performance, delay and consumption values of LPARs are measured every minute and are executed on trigger/events-based actions. Just a few minutes of intervals are enough to influence consumption. A permanent capping is often not meaningful and no longer up-to-date.


In contrast to alternatives, zGUARD is freely programmable in use. The possibilities of controlling are unlimited. All necessary values are refreshed every minute and are provided by zGUARD in an evaluable way. If trigger/events are triggered by thresholds you have the possibility to start pre-defined scripts. The scripts can be written in almost any program language. A specific Mainframe know-how is not needed. Within the scripts you can compare values and consumptions, execute calculations, change HMC values, edit console commands or write a simple WTO into the syslog of the affected system. zGUARD provides you even detailed information about serve classes. With this and other detailed information you are able to evaluate the consumption of your systems.




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