Data Center

SAFETY FIRST for your data!

Highly available and fail-safe

The SVA data centre has a redundancy-based structure. The primary and backup data centres are situated in two separate locations. The central computer room is located inside a large building with no outer walls.
The SVA data centre is protected from unauthorized access by a burglar alarm system, perimeter protection via CCTV and an access control system that grants access only to authorized personnel.

Further components of the safety concept include:

Comprehensive fire protection –  thanks to a fire alarm system, F90 protective cladding of the central computer room and our own plant fire department.

Protective Cooling – 
consisting of three redundantly designed, modern air-conditioning cabinets incl. open air cooling and automatic monitoring of climatic values with alarm function.

Fail-safe power supply – 
two separate 10kV power feeds, two electricity suppliers and an emergency power system as well as accumulators

SVA zHosting consists of modern, efficient and fail-safe components:

  • IBM zSystems with two processors for running z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE
  • Specialty Engines for running zLinux systems such as SUSE and Red Hat   
  • Specialty Engines (zIIP) for processing DB2 and Java Workload
  • Two IBM DS8000 mirrored via Metro Mirror with 35TB disk capacity
  • HDS VSP1000 system with 15TB disk capacity
  • IBM 3490E tape storage unit with two drives
  • IBM 3494 ATL (Automated Tape Library) with two 3590 drives
  • Redundant Tape System (MDL) that can use the virtual tapes for separate tape administration for each client
  • Remote Connection between customer locations and the customer's systems via two separate lines with access protection via VPN and firewall servers

The SVA zHosting system is equipped with the RACF security system, which monitors and  controls the access of individual users and the usage of the corresponding hardware resources within the system. Each customer environment is a full stand-alone system that can be independently launched and stopped by the customer at any time. Customer access is made possible by a 3270 terminal emulation via a secure VPN connection using Telnet3270.



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