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The IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT) is a software development platform for qualified IBM PartnerWorld for Independent Software Vendors (ISVS). The zPDT is a virtual System z environment that makes it possible to operate z/VM, z/OS and z/VSE mainframe operating systems on an Intel platform without any changes.

Qualified ISVs can take advantage of zPDT:

    • as a low-cost platform for zSystem software development – zPDT is an ideal addition to existing zSystem Developer Discount offerings and Remote Development programs.
    • for zSystem product trainings and demonstrations – become mobile! zPDT running on a notebook enables you to present your products anywhere at any time.
    • for assisting your staff in distant locations or in their home office – become global!  Support your software programmers with a development platform of their own.

    The SVA solution

    SVA's zPDT bundles offer an 'all-in-one' solution for independent software vendors (ISV).
    The IBM-certified base system contains the zPDT USB dongle, IBM 1090 code, Open SuSE Linux, an IBM z operating system (z/VM, z/VSE, or z/OS) as well as performance-compatible hardware systems optimally tailored to your requirements.
    In addition, SVA offers optional back-up and disaster recovery services through the highly available SVA zHosting data centre.

    SVA Technical support

    SVA offers technical support for zPDT hardware and software. This service helps you identify, diagnose and solve any problems.

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