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The optimum software development environment.

Our SVA Data centre has several IBM z systems available around the clock, offering performance-based capacities for individual needs.  We customize capacities exactly to your needs, from complete porting of existing development environments to installations from scratch according to your requirements.

Compared to the cost of acquiring your own zSystem hardware – no matter if it is new or second-hand – the costs of SVA zHosting are well below the operating costs of an infrastructure of your own. At constant performance, SVA significantly helps reduce development costs and optimally meets all operative requirements in terms of cost efficiency.

All-round service for all needs

Our SVA Full Service makes sure you receive optimal consulting, migration/installation and in-operation service by dedicated SVA contact persons. SVA assists you in the administration of your development environment within the context of the IBM Programme for Software Developers (zDD).  
Not only are the usage fees for SVA zHosting inexpensive, they are also very flexible, matching the individual requirements of customers.

SVA zHosting for developers at a glance
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